Samantha Aubrey

Since you're here to read my words, it's only right that you should learn a little about me.

My name is Samantha, and at the moment I am a nineteen year old sophomore in college. I am going to the community college at the moment, but am most likely going to transfer to a four year school once I get my Associates in whatever I decided to get it in. At the moment, my major is in the arts, and since I am in my last year here, it probably won't change. Thankfully, it is a very flexible major, and can be used for pretty much anything I'd ever think of doing.

My dream is to become a history teacher. I absolutely love American history, and I find joy in telling others about it, I would equally love working in a museum just as much as teaching history. 

I work three jobs at the moment. First off, I work at Cracker Barrel as a cashier. I've had this job for most of this year and I do really like it. The country music does get old after hearing it on repeat every day, but the people I work with are all great. I would love to get out of there one day and find a job that really says my name, but until then, you can find me asking about your meal and recommending you try whatever the focus item is of the week, 

Right before the school year started, I got a job working at the college bookstore. I was so excited to get this job since my hours at the Barrel were cut when school started back up. Right now I am working four days a week at the bookstore. It is nice because I can go to school and work at the same time. (Plus, the bookstore doesn't require me to wear an apron.)

Finally, I am working as a Writing Fellow at the school as well. I am one of the 27 students at the college who help students with writing papers. Although I don't necessarily get paid for this job, I have received scholarships which had covered some of my school tuition. The Writing Center is an awesome feature my college has, and I am so happy to say that I was chosen out of a couple thousand students to take on this task of assisting other students with their writing.

My family life is pretty entertaining. I am the oldest of four children, and the only girl. I used to resent this, but as I got older, I was so glad that I don't have any sisters. First off, I'm the only one in my family who doesn't have to share a room. I am rather introverted, so I need my quite time and space. I could lock myself in my room for hours with only my iPad just to listen to music and browse Pinterest, or watch YouTube videos. That's what I find peaceful. There have been plenty of times when I could have gone out and been social, but instead decided to just stay at home and relax. These opportunities have become less of a privilege now that I'm at school and work most of the time. Still, I look forward to that one day a week where I don't work or have class. That day is usually spent by myself. 

My father is a manager at a steel processing plant. He has worked there for most of his life, and has gone from the lowest position offered to now one of the highest in the company. He has shown me what hard work looks like. My mother also has had her share of jobs, though all in different fields. As soon as she was old enough to leave, mom left for New Orleans where she was stationed after joining the Navy. After serving for several years, she moved to Chicago where she worked in a military hospital. After moving back home, she became a paramedic, and then several years later, a police officer. That's when she met and married my dad. She stayed a police officer until a year or so after I was born. Then she quit that job and started working as a nurse again. Since then she has quit that job to stay at home and homeschool my brothers and I. 

Collin, Cameron, and Evan are all still homeschooled. Collin is finishing his last year of High School while Cameron has just started it. Evan will be starting High School next year, which sounds really weird to say, since he is so short. He looks like he would only be going into seventh grade, not ninth. 

Along with three brothers, I also have two pets. Lucy is my dog, who I've had since I was nine. She is ten right now, but still trucking along. She is the kindest dog I've ever met. She doesn't seem to get upset about anything, and although she is a little clueless here and there, she is one of my best friends.

And then, there is Percy. He is the newest member of our family. My brother adopted this adorable little kitten a little over a year ago. He was perfect...until he realized that he was ours. Then the real Percy came out. Honestly, Percy is a pretty cool cat. He has a personality unlike any cat I've seen before. He is smart and clever, and so very loud and annoying. He's found a way to climb up in the ceiling of the basement and knock things over just to get our attention when he wants to come upstairs. I love him to death, but he is a jerk most of the time. 

And...I guess that's my life. I haven't mentioned that I am a total nerd and fangirl. I can't just like something...I have to live it. My most recent phase has been Star Wars. I used to love the movies, but recently I have been loving the fact that Star Wars is huge again. I am taking advantage of all the Star Wars merch all over the place. Just like with Frozen, it won't be around for long, so I am stocking up before something else takes its place. (Like, Star Trec or Battlestar Galactica. (I hope that never happens.)

I'm also a pretty big dork when it comes to Nancy Drew. I own a huge collection of the books, and every single Nancy Drew computer game, (all of which I have solved several times.) I even have a signed copy of Ghost of Thornton Hall from the original voice actor of Nancy. 

I may add more random factoids to this page later, but for now, I think that this is enough information to satisfy anyone, whether you have to write a research paper on me or not. 

May the Force be with You, young Jedi's. 

Your's Truly, 
Samantha Bartley

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