Thursday, July 30, 2009

We're "Unbreakable"

My friend Cori came over today, and we had nothing to do. Their was nothing on TV, We were tired of playing with our AG dolls, and it was too hot to play outside. So we decided, hey, lets make a movie! Since the camera only takes 3 minutes of movie, we couldn't to much. But a song is usually about 3-4 min long. So, we could do a song. This is the song we decided on. But the song was 3 min and 15 sec long. So we didn't finish it. But we were on the last word when it stopped. Well, I hope you enjoy it!

" Unbreakable" By Fireflight


Quinlyn said...

Awesome! :D And it seems like your mom got in there, too. ;) And your dog is cute!

Cori said...

That was SO much fun wasn't it Sammy!!!!!
It turned out really funny.
We should do another one sometime. :)