Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Coolest McD's toy so far!

The other day, My mom went to get a soda at McDonald's. And they have American Girl Toys in the Happy Meals. So I asked her if she could buy me one of the toys. So, when she got home she gave me Molly, the American Girl from 1944. I have read all of her books and they were really good. So I was happy when I got her. The toy was really cool, and it was only $1.89!


Melissa said...

Hi Sammy!
I was just wondering what the pink and yellow spinner looking thing was. I have the Kit one, but a friend gave it to me and it does not have all the pieces.

Have a great day!


SammySleuth said...

It's a decoder. it dosn't work very well, but it was fun to make. Thanks for the question! Oh, and your blog is pretty cool too!

Melissa said...

Oh, thats cool! Thanks for the complement! Your blog is great!


Bill said...

Anna and Rachel loved getting these too! Thankful that the McD lady gave them each a different one - Kaya and Julie. Love the last one name! :)