Friday, September 25, 2009

An American Girl Dream

Imagine this, Your sleeping in on a Friday morning, dreaming about great things, when your door slams open, and you hear you eight year-old brother in his screeching voice, "SAM!!" Then you hear your eleven year-old brother say, "No! Don't tell her! I want it to be a surprise!" Then you get shaken and tapped. Then finally, you sit up. "What?" You ask in a grumpy, sleepy voice. "Guess what mom got?" Asks your eleven year-old brother. You don't have to guess, because your eight year-old brother reaches out into the hallway, and pulls out a huge piece of cardboard. Since the lights are still off, you can't see what it is. "Turn on the lights." You say, and the room fills with light. You cover your eyes because it's so bright. Finally, you are able to see and you see what your brother is holding. The American Girl and Lego Cars display for McDonald's! You quickly get out of bed and walk over to it. Questions are flooding threw your head, but you only manage to ask one. "Where did you get this?" Your eleven year-old brother smiles. Mom went threw the drive-Thur at McDonald's this morning, and the lady had passed it threw the window at her." You remember that your mom is planning to run a American Girl Tea Party at your church in the spring, and that she had gone to all of the McDonald's in town, and had asked if they could donate their extra American Girl toys for it. "Did they donate these for the Tea Party?" You ask. "I think so'' said your eleven year-old brother. "But she said we could have the Lego cars. You walk around the house, and finally find your mom bringing bags of groceries in from the car. You run out on the porch, "What's this?" You ask. And your mom tells you the same thing your brother had just told you. So then you go back in the house, and you get the camera, and you take pictures of it. Here are the pictures that you take. One with just the American Girl toys, and one with your dog. :)

Then, you ask your mom is she could take a picture of you with it. And here is the picture that she takes, Remember, you just woke up less that fifteen minutes ago. Would that be a great dream? I think it would. And I'm glad, that that dream came true.


Anonymous said...

Haha, I have to admit, that would be cool!

dollsandmoredolls said...

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