Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Suprise!!!

Hey Everyone! Guess What? (Watch the video, and you'll find out!) Watch it before you read on!

(I sound So Weird!) Anyway, Isn't that great news! (Well for me it is!) If you follow the AGF (American Girl Fan Blog by Liz) You will see that she is having one too. I did this video about a week ago, and thought it was funny that she was doing one too! Anyway, here is how you can enter, First, you need to get your parents permission, (because I need your home addresss if you win) Tell me your first name (Username is fine too.) Email so I can contact you if you win, and I need you to answer this question. What American Girl is your Roll Model and why. I will draw the name on Friday, October 2. So Please, Please, Please, enter! Thanks!!!!! -Sammy


Hannah said...

Hi! I would like to enter this giveaway! My American Girl role model is Chrissa because she stands up to bullies. My email address is

Thank you for having this giveaway!


~Quinlyn~ said...

Hi! I would like to enter this giveaway! My favorite American Girl doll is Kirsten. :) My email is

Joelle said...

I would like to enter Sammy! My name is Joelle and my username on the AGFMB is hanneh23. I have my parent's permission and the American Girl Doll that is my role model would have to be Julie cause she has to deal with her Parent's divorcing and having to go back and forth!

Thanks for having a giveaway for the Addy toy!

I really hope I win :).


Melissa said...

Hi Sammy!
I would love to enter your contest! I love the Addy toy! One of my friends had it. My name is Melissa and i have my parents permission.
I can't really give my email out on a comment but can i email you my email? Thanks for having a cool givaway!


SammySleuth said...

Sure Melissa. my Email is Thank you all for entering!!!

Cori said...

Hey Sammy its Cori and I want to enter this contest.
You know my e-mail.
I like Kit because she was determined to get her article in the news paper.
I want to be writer when I grow up...but you already know that ha ha ha.
Anyway thanks.
Oh and I got my parents permission.

Jasmine said...

I'd love to enter! My name is Jasmine. If I win please PM me on American girl fan. My favorite role model is Addy!

~Quinlyn~ said...

Oh, and I don't really have an AG role model. Most of them are! :D