Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Computer Broke!!!

Hey Guys! Sorry that I haven't been posting very much. It's because my laptop just died on me. It was so weird! About a month ago, It wouldn't let my click on any links, then about two weeks later it wouldn't even let me go online. Then, about a week ago, It just wouldn't even turn on! I was so mad, because It sames like half my life is one here! So, there is this guy at our church who is a computer guy. (He fixes computers) So, I gave him my laptop on Sunday, and he said that he would have it ready by tomorrow! Yeah! And you're asking, "If your computer is being worked on, how are you writing this?" And the answer is... My brothers computer!! I hate this one. Even though it's brand new, and is 75% faster than mine, I love mine much better. And my brothers can't wait for mine to be fixed, because they want there laptop back to themselves only. Anyway, Hopefully, the next post I make will be on my computer! Anyway, we are going to the mall in like, 15 minutes. The new Jim Brickman CD is out, and I'm getting it! Yeah! See ya soon!!! ~Sammy

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Cori said...

Hey Sammy,
So sorry about ur computer, our little black one, u know the little notebook.
It died too. It won't turn on for anything.
Anyway, I was just wondering if you were interested in playing my photo guessing game.
I'm planning on ending the contest soon but I wanted to make sure you had a chance to play it if you wanted to.
Ta ta for now.