Friday, April 23, 2010

Piano Recitals and Youtube Channels

Hey Guys! I'm Super nervous because TONIGHT IS MY PIANO RECITAL!!! I know I'm ready for it, It's just that when you have to play the piano in front of 150 people, it can get scary. But, three of my friends are also going to be playing tonight. So, I'm excited to see them. And hopefully after the recital, we can get some Ice Cream. That sounds SO good right now! Anyway, yesterday, my mom said that I could have a Youtube account. So, right now, I do. I only have 1 viedo and 1 song up, but I'm sure I'll get more soon. So please subscribe to it! Here is the link to my Channel. Thanks for reading, and wish me luck tonight!


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Momma said...

I can't wait to hear how great you are...because you are great!!