Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Fair Once Again. :)

Hello Everyone! It's been a pretty busy week for my family. This is a very busy week for many people in my town, because it's Fair week. I posted about the fair last year on here, so if you look back at some of my older posts, you can find out more about it. Anyway, the Fair this year was so much fun. Here are some pictures I took yesterday when we went.

Fair Food! Yum!!!

Talking to the "Walking Statue" lol He was so funny. :)

The Midway. :)


The Statue again.

Friends Julia and Michaela. (I don't think Michaela knew I was taking the picture)

End of the Day

The Fair was a lot of fun. We are planning on going back once more again this year. (This Saturday) The fair is a fun time for everyone. But the one sad thing about the fair, is that summer is almost over. :( Which means Back to School. I mean, Fall is my favorite season, but I'm not ready for Summer to end. It feels like it just started. :)


carlotta said...

looks like you had a great time! loved the photos.

Amanda said...

Sounds like it was lots of fun! Our fair is always in September - I can't wait for it!
Thanks for following my blog!