Saturday, October 30, 2010

Barbie Movies, and Havest Parties :)

Hey Everyone, sorry I haven't posted much this week. Today is going to be a VERY busy day for me. First, and 1:00pm, we are having a Fall Funtacular at my Church. What is that? you may ask? Well, it is sorta a Harvest Party. There is games, food, hay rides, moonwalks, and a pie auction. I am working the Bowling game. It is going to be alot of fun. Then, this afternoon, when we get home from Church, my family on my mom's side are coming over. There is going to be a BUNCH of people here. My Grandma, Aunt Karin, Aunt Julie, Uncle Jeff, Uncle Bill, Uncle Jon, and my cousins, Jayce, Kyra, Fiona, Jacob, Anna, Rachel, Rebekah, and Joshua. So, that is 14 people, not including me and my family, which makes 20. I am the oldest of all my cousins. (Well, I do have some older cousins, but they live on the other side of the country, (and won't be here) So, hopefully, we will have a fun time.

Anyway, remember a few weeks ago when I put one of my favorite Holiday movie trailers on here, well, today, I am going to do that same thing. The Movie I am going to talk about today is...

Barbie in A Christmas Carol!!!

Now, you are probably thinking, "Sam, you are 14 1/2 years old, and you are watching BARBIE MOVIES????" Well, yeah, I am. But Actually, the movies are something that anyone could watch and like. Sure, they are a little cheesy, but who cares? Here is a small part of the movie

So, basically, the movie is a lot like the classic book. Edin Starling, is the main character, and she Hate Christmas. She is making all her employees work on Christmas. That night, she is visited by 3 spirts. Past, Present, and Future. And she learns the true meaning of Christmas.

I love Edin's attitude. It is so funny! :P So, there you go! I think that you would enjoy it. I got it when I was 12, and I have watched it every Christmas season since 2008.

Anyway, that's it! I will post more later. ~Sammy


Liddy said...

I saw that barbie movie too! I still love barbie! I just rented the new Barbie in Fashion Fairytale. It's so good!:)


Hannah said...

I still watch vegietales and Barbie movies. I watched Dora till I was 7.