Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Promise

I'm sure that most of you know that I play the piano. But, I bet a lot of you have never heard me play before. So, I am going to show one of my favorite songs to play. It is called, "The Promise." It is written by Jim Brickman, my favorite composer. Anyway, here it is!

I am very sorry that the ending was cut off. (The digital camera only takes 3 min of video at a time) So, the last 3 seconds got cut off. And sorry that the quality of the camera isn't that great ether. (I can't find the cord that connects the camcorder to the computer) Anyway, I hope you enjoined it! Tell me what you think!!!!! ~Sammy


Maya'lee said...

I think it's great! The quality isn't too bad. Your playing it great, so pretty! How long have you been playing?


The Golden Eagle said...

I loved watching/listening to your video!

Hannah said...

Incredible! That song it lovely, and you played it really well!