Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Tag!

Hey everyone! Christmas is less than one week away!! I am super excited. So, if possable, everyday until Christmas I am going to post something that has to do with Christmas. So today what I am going to do is a Christmas tag. Thanks Cori!! :) Okay, so here we go! :)

Christmas Tag!

1.What is your one favorite dish to see on the table at Christmas dinner? PPumpkin Pie! :)

2.Do you have a Nativity scene or a creche? How many pieces does it have? WWe have a few small ones, but my favorite is the Charlie Brown one. I think it has 14 peices, but I'm not sure. :)

3.What is your favorite Christmas movie? Barbie Christmas Carol (lol) or Charlie Brown

4.If you and your family could spend this Christmas in another country, where would you go? Ireland!! :) lol

5.Does your grandmother usually knit you something for Christmas, or does she give you something different -- say, a Wii? Well, usually my grandma just gives me money...but sometimes she will make an outfit for my doll...

6.Have you ever gone out of the house wearing a reindeer headband?

7.Do you usually make or buy your Christmas gifts? I usually make things, but once in a while I will buy.

8.When do you set up your Christmas decorations? When do you take them down? The Saturday after Thanksgiving, and the Day after Christmas. :) lol

9.What kind of activities does your church usually have at Christmas? We have a Christmas Eve service, and sometimes will do things for other people like help with the Salvation Army.

10.Did you ever believe in Santa Claus as a child? I still believe in jk

11.What Gospel gives your favorite account of the Christmas story? I like Luke's the best.

12.Have you ever acted in a Christmas pageant? What part did you play? Well, I have been in some plays, but as you probably know, I wrote the plays the last 2 years, so I wasn't in them. :)

13.Do you buy Christmas presents for your pets? Sometimes. :)

14.What is your favorite Christmas tradition? Being with family.

Well, thats it for today! Thanks for reading!! ~Sam


Oops! I forgot to tag people! :)

Okay I tag...

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Hannah said...

Is it okay if I do this tag? I've been looking for a Christmas tag and this one looks like fun!

Sammy said...

Yes, go a head. Sorry I forgot to tag people. I will do that right now! :)