Saturday, December 25, 2010

Time to Wake up!

Hey guys, sorry I didn't post on Thursday or Friday. They were both very busy days. :) lol Anyway...


I am very, very, excited!

It is 5:04am. And what am I doing up this eary? Well, my brother came in my room at 4:30am, to wake me up, and tell me that we are going to start presents at 5:30am. So, he got me up an hour early. But well, I thought since I knew that I can't get back to sleep, I would do something that made me happy. lol And that, is blogging.

Anyway, I am hoping that today or tomorrow I will post pictures of what I got from who. It will probably be tomorrow, since we are going to my Aunts tonight. So, I guess thats it for now!

Also, remember the reason that we celebrate Christmas. If it wasn't for Jesus, we would not have a reason to celebrate. :)

Remember that while you are diving into loads of presents, and eating yummy Christmas dinner, and watching the Disney Christmas day parade on TV.

Anyway, Thank you all for being great friends.

~Merry Christmas! ~Sammy


Hannah said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS SAMMY!! :) Have a great day!


The Golden Eagle said...

Merry Christmas! :)

Hannah said...

Merry Christmas, Sammy! Did you see Christa and Mia's new post from You should go check it out. Hannah