Thursday, January 13, 2011

My New Years

New For my family, every New Years is pretty much always the same. We do nothing. My mom and dad usually have no interest of staying up till midnight, and when my brothers try to stay up, 95% of the time, they don't. I have stayed up without fail for the past 6 years. Sometimes it's with friends, other times, it's with family, but usually, It's me and Lucy.

I don't really mind, but I always wanted one time, when the whole family would stay up together. And well, no one knew it at the time, but that New Years, was going to be the 2011 countdown. :)

New Years eve started out the same way. Once a year, my parents will take one of us kids out for breakfast, just them. So every Christmas eve, I go out to breakfast with my parents. Well, new years eve, is my brother Collin's turn. So, that's what they did that morning-went to breakfast. My two other brothers and I stayed home, and finished picking up the house. Because at One O'clock, pm our friends were coming over, just to visit.

So, soon, my parents and Collin came back, and soon, our friends came over. (It's my friend, Julia's family) So, we had a lot of fun. Julia and I played like, 20 rounds of golf the card game, and then Julia went digging threw my closet, and came out dressed like a prom queen. We watched some old home videos of my 4th birthday party, and Julia decided that she was going to open my presents. And when we were 10, and we reenacted the Boston Tea Party. (I was King George, and Julia was my Queen) lol

Well, then, around Four O'clock, my mom came in my room, and told us that we were invited to Julia's house to stay for New Years! We were both pretty excited. So, about an hour later, we all over to Julia's house. We have Chicken and Dumplings for Dinner (They were awesome) And Julia and I played another few rounds of golf, and then we played Uno. Julia decided to Straighten my hair, and give me a makeover. Then she gave herself one.

Soon (About 10 Thirty) We went back down stairs, and played Wii party for like, 10 minutes, then we went into the living room, and watched America's Funniest Home Videos. By the time that was over, it was almost Midnight.

We all met in the Family room, and waited for midnight. And before we knew it, we were saying goodbye to 2010, and hello to 2011. Then, my family all said goodbye, and left to go back home. And we all fell fast asleep.

The next day (Or later that day,lol) We all packed up, and went to my grandma's house. It was very fun. :)

New Years was much better that we thought it was going to be. I had a great time, and I think we started a new, new years tradition. Do you have any traditions that you do on New Years?? Please comment and tell me.

If you want to see pictures of our New Years at Julia's, you can look at my picasa web album, Here is the link...

Anyway, I guess that is it for now!! Thanks for reading!! ~Sammy

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Hannah said...

Our grandparents and aunt and uncle and cousin(soon to be cousin(s):) Usually we do fireworks. It's really fun! Hannah