Monday, January 17, 2011


So, I have talked about my youth group before, but I am just going to give a quick "talk" about it. :)

Our youth group RUSH (Rising Up, Serving Him) Is for grades 7th-12th. We had a Bible Study on Sunday and Wednesday nights. Sometimes we play games, but not very often. On Sunday nights, one of the youth leaders (Glenn) does a study from our youth's Bible Study called Credo. Then on Wednesday nights, another leader (Jerry) does a Study usually on a book of the Bible. (We have done Joshua, Acts, and Exodus)

We have a youth band. I play the keyboard, my brother plays the guitar. And then another kid in the class plays the Bass, and his dad plays the lead guitar. And then Usually two or three people will sing. I have never sung before, but I don't really like singing in front of people. :)

Their is about 15 kids in the group, and about 6 adults. Sometimes we watch movies, like, right before Christmas, we watched "Letters to God." And last Easter, we watched "The Passion." (But only the first half, thank goodness) :)

Our favorite games to play in the class is Shephardy, (A Bible Trivia game) And Murder (A fun detective game Kinda like a real life Clue) And we are always doing something together. (Salvation Army, Sledding, Celebrate Life...)           

I have been the RUSH for about 3 years. I have loved it, and I always feel at home there. If any of you guys are ever in the area, stop on by. You will NOT be sorry. :) ~Sammy

*PS If you are wondering what I am doing, I am in a relay race, trying to get from one place to another with a potato on a spoon. :) lol

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