Monday, March 7, 2011

My Birthday!

Hey Everyone!!!

Sorry I didn't post on my birthday, it was a CRAZY day, and I didn't have time. Anyway, I had a great birthday, and I wish that all birthday could be like it.

I remember on my tenth birthday, I woke up really early. Not because I was excited for what the day had to bring, but because I felt HORRIBLE. My head hurt, my throat hurt, and I was sore all over. Turns out, that I had strep throat, a sinus infection, and an ear infection. Some birthday that turned out to be.

Anyway, here are the things that I got for my birthday from my family!


She is SO pretty! I love her hair!!! :)

 An Owl Change Purse. :) The little Owl is SO cute. :)
I am using it as a camera case. It works perfect for it.

A Charm Bracelet. The picture isn't that great, but I <3 it!

 Bracelets. Some of them have little charms on them,
like an Owl, a leaf, a heart, a button...

That was all I got for my birthday.

Oh, also, my BFF Crystal got me a very unexpected gift...

A Nancy Drew game.

(The only one I was missing from my 23 game collection)

Crystal is so awesome. :) Thanks again Crystal!!

Anyway, that it it! I will hopefully post again really soon with something interesting!

Thanks for reading!!



Liddy said...

Wow, Kanani looks very pretty! Happy late birthday!:)


Anne said...

Kanani is beautiful!! All of your presents look very nice! :)