Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Reason Why, and Welcome to Summer

I am SO sorry guys!!! It has been almost a month since I posted!!! I am very sorry, and I feel really bad. So...I got pictures from my vacation to North Carolina, computer decided to stop working. We are going to get it fixed this week, but until then, I have to use my old computer...which has nothing on it except Internet. So...I am not able to show you any pictures. But I promise I will soon!!! Also, we just got back from the Chicago area on Saturday. I have a bunch of pictures from there too! I will show you those pictures as well. The reason we went to Chicago, was because we had the Celebrate Life at Olivet Nazarene University. I had a really good time-much better than last year. Anyway, I do have something for is kinda a sorry present for being such a bad blog keeper. It is a story that I wrote...actually, it is completely true. I wrote it this morning. It actually happened at 1:30am today. So...I hope you like it. :) :) :)

EDIT: I just want to let you know, that to some people, this story might be a little scary. No one dies, or gets hurt in this story, but it is rather suspenseful. Just want to let you guys know that before you read it. :) ~Sammy

Welcome to Summer
By Sammy

I was sleeping last night, when while I was was sleeping, I heard a very loud noise. At first, I thought it was just in my head, so I tried to ignore it. Then, I heard it again. My next thought was, "Why does Mom and Dad have the TV up so loud?" So, I woke up, and sat up in bed. But all I heard was stillness. Quietness. The TV in my parents bedroom was off. And all I heard was the sound of crickets outside my open window. Then...I heard it again. It sounded like children screaming, or a whale of some sort. I thought it might have been the wind, but it was too human to be anything other than alive. Then, I thought that it might be an animal, like a wild cat, but although we live in a country area, we are less than a mile away from a very large town. And the closest woods to my house is less than a mile, but to get from the woods, you would have to travel threw an empty field. And...there are no Wild Cat around here anyway. So, the idea that thought most real to me, was that someone was actually screaming. It sounded like someone was in trouble.

I heard the scream again even louder. Afraid that some murder was in my front yard, I quickly closed the open window and put the blinds down. Even threw the thick glass, I could still hear that screeching loud and clear. I looked over at my alarm clock. 1:28am. Not very sure what to do, I went to my parents room, and woke up my mom. "Mom," I said. "I hear screaming outside." She looked confused, but followed me to my room. Once we entered my room, I heard a different kind of scream. It was more of a deep scream. Like a man was screaming. I looked over at my mom, and she looked as surprised as I felt.

She went and awoke my dad who went over to his bedroom window, which was open, and listened out that. Sure enough, loud screams came from it. We followed him down the hall to the kitchen, where he opened up the back door, and walked on to the deck. I made sure that I had hold of Lucy, my dog, because I didn't want her going out there and maybe getting hurt.

Once my dad had been on the deck for only seconds, we heard what sounded like a gun shot. We saw my dad's dark silhouette jump in surprise. I am sure that my mom and I were also jumpy. Dad walked back in the house. "Fireworks." was all he said. Mom and I walked into the living room, and looked out the window. The loud noise was more of a melody then just screaming. Which put a few pieces together. The screaming was music...very LOUD music coming from a party a few houses down.

We figured that the party was coming  from the people who had just moved in, in the past year. He had, had late parties before, but none this late-or...this early. My mom got out the phone book, and using the light of the small nightlight, she kept in the hallway, found the police number. She called it, and reported the party. At that moment, the fireworks, the music, and everything else...stopped. Once again, it was quiet.

"We have officers there" The police officer said. "Thank you." My mom said, and hung up. We heard some talking from the house, but not as loud as it had been. Soon, about a half an hour later, it sounded like it should sound at 2am. I went back to bed with a very odd feeling inside me. I am not sure what that feeling was, and I can't even tell you if it was a good or bad feeling. But that is all behind me...for now. The last thing my mom said to me before I went back to bed was very true. And that is what I thought about until I finally fell back asleep. And that 3 word sentence she told me was..."Welcome to Summer." 

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Hannah said...

Wow, that must have been very scary! You write great stories! Hannah

Jane Wells said...

Fantastic reporting, sweetie!
I love the "odd feeling" bit. I look forward to reading more of your posts.