Friday, September 9, 2011

Hunting for Bugs...

So, we went on our bug hunting field trip today...

And guess what?

We didn't get to look for bugs. :(

We were going to, but the weather was bad. It was all rainy...

So, we did the inside things instead.

The place where we went, is a Mother House, a place where Catholic nuns stay when they are older. (It is like a Nursing Home for Catholic Sisters.)

Anyway, when we first got there, we had to wait for Mass to get done. We sat in the parlor room, and let me tell you, this place was huge! In fact, I thought it was interesting that it used to be a girl's boarding school in the late 1800's to the mid 1900's. I think it would have been a very interesting place to go to school at.

When we started, we were taking to a room that looked like a classroom. First we talked about what bugs were, and why we needed them. Then, we talked about the life of a bug. 

Then finally, we got to do some fun stuff! We were each separated into 4 groups, and each group was giving a bucket, an ice cube tray, a pare of tweezers, and each kid was giving a magnifying glass, and a list of bugs in this area. Then, the lady who was teaching us filled each bucket up with water from a pond. Then we had to use the tweezers to pull bugs out of the water, put them in the ice cube trays, then try to figure out what bug we had caught. It was a lot of fun! Towards the end, the rain stopped, and we went out to the pond just to look. (We didn't have enough time to go in) 

It was a lot of fun! Plus, I did bring my camera, and I have pictures!

Thanks for reading!! Hope you all have a great day! :)


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