Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Very Long Day

Today was a long day.
I don't know if you really want to hear about what I did today, but I am going to share it anyway. :)

I woke up at 6:30am. Every morning, my mom and I will go down to the park down the street and walk on the path. We can walk 2 miles in less than 45 minutes. We like to go early, because we like the park to ourselves. :)

So, we went down there. We walked a mile when we decided we were going to stop. (It was really cold!) We thought later that day we would go back and walk the other mile. (But we didn't)

So, once we got back in the car, we drove to Sonic to get breakfast. I got a breakfast burrito, and I got my brother French Toast sticks. (My other two brothers and dad were at a camp out)

When we got home, we ate our breakfast, and then all of us got dressed in clean clothes, (Not sweaty workout ones) And we got back in the car and went to Hobby Lobby.

They were having a sale on Scrapbook paper, and my mom wanted to get some. (She has an obsession with paper.) lol Okay, not really...;) So, we got some paper, and I got a bracelet making kit.

Then, we went to Target. There was a sale on Sims 3 Games. Buy one, get one Free, which is a really good price! And my mom said she would buy one for me, so I could get the second one free. I ended up getting Sims Pets, and Sims Ambitions. But...I haven't played them yet. Why? (I will get to that later)

After we left Target, we went to Radio Shack, and got a purple cord for my ipod, (mine broke) and then my brother got some gadget for the computer, (I'm not sure what it is) And my mom bought batteries.

Then, we went home to drop Collin off, and then my mom and I went to the post office to send some bills, and my thank you cards for my party 2 months ago...:p

After the post office, my mom and I walked over to the Monroe 1812 Historical Museum to get information about renting costumes. (Apparently, you can rent costumes that look like outfits that people from 1812 would wear.) I need it for a school field trip. (I tell you guys about that some other time)

So...after that we went to Kroger, where did did a huge grocery shopping trip. And guess what I got? A lunch-able! I haven't had one of those since a 3rd grade Field Trip! :) My mom also bought 10 of the small Sunny D's for the kids that were camping out. So, after we were done at the store, we went to my brother's friend's house to give the kids the drinks.

And just to let you know...It is about noon now...

So, we stayed at their house for about an hour. I ate my lunch-able, and my mom talked to her friend, (My brother's friend's mom) Then, we went out to their chicken coop, and looked at the chickens. But I was really cold, so I went back to the car.

Once we were done there, we came back home. And do you know what I did then? I did School.

Yes I know! School on a Saturday! Does that seem wrong or what? Actually, I didn't HAVE to do it, but I wanted to. What to know why?

Well, do you remember when I said that I got the Sims3 Games, and I couldn't play them? Well, the reason why is this...

The only way my mom would buy them for me is if I finished ALL my school before I played them. And when I say all, I mean all. Not just for the day, or week, but the whole year. And let me tell you a secret...I'm really far behind...But don't tell anyone. I don't want people to know...

So, I sat down today and decided I was just going to do as much as I could. I decided to work on English, because I was the farthest in that. I was in Unit 6 of 9. (Crazy, I know) So, I sat at the computer, and worked, and worked, and worked, and worked, and worked for about 4 hours non stop. When my mom came back in the room, she asked how I was going. That's when I looked to see how far I had gone, and I was actually really surprised...

19 Lessons...19 LESSONS!!!

That was 2 units! I was now in unit 8!! I was actually really excited! So, when my mom and dad went out for dinner that night, I sat back down and finished 12 more...Another Unit!

So, on one Saturday afternoon, I finished 31 lessons, which equals 3 units. That means I only have one left!

15 more lessons, and I will be done with English for the year. I probably won't do it tonight, I am kinda brain fried...Plus, I need to clean my room before Mom and Dad come home.

Anyway, that was my day. It was very long, but it was a very good day. I would like to have another one like it soon...Very soon. :)

See you all later!!

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Kellee said...

Wow, sounds like you had a long day! :)
I like the new blog name, too.
Have a great Sunday!