Thursday, August 23, 2012

Another Year at Waverly Academy

This is going to be one of the last posts I write before school starts again. Most of the schools here in Michigan start the day after Labor Day. Some of the private schools, are starting this Monday. That's when we start too.

I actually enjoy school most of the time. I have been using Switched on Schoolhouse since I started High School, and I really like it. It is all on the computer, so I don't use books and pencils like most of you.

This year, my subjects are...

Algebra 2
English 3
Bible Doctrine
Physical Fitness
World History

I have a few other elective subjects like State History, Civil War, American Lit, and Health. But I don't have to do all of those this year. But if I feel like everything is under control, I might start one soon.

The name of my school is Waverly Academy. And no, it isn't named after Wizards of Waverly Place. (I don't like that show)

It is named after Waverly Academy in the Nancy Drew game, 'Warnings at Waverly Academy.'

But of course, my school isn't cursed by a black cat. I am thinking about making some apparel for my school. :) Like, Waverly Academy Hoodies, T-Shirts, and Sweat Pants! Of course, I would be the only one who would buy it, since, I am the only one going to my school.

That is the part I love about homeschool...I can make my own school name, and my own school logo!

I am going to have to figure out what I want my logo to be...Hmm...

Well, in the game the logo is a Raven.

Do any of you have any ideas of school logos for me? If not, when are you starting school? Have you already started? Do you like school? Comment please!!

Thanks for reading!!

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Hannah said...

So cool!! I am taking American Lit. and Spanish too!!