Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sweet Dreams and Starlight

The past few days, I have been learning a lot of new songs on the piano. In fact, I learned A Thousand Years by Christina Perri in about 5 minutes yesterday, just by listening to it. I might put a video up of me playing it, but I'm not sure yet.

But some of my favorite songs to play are instrumental. I love Jim Brickman and George Winston music. But just recently, I have found that I really enjoy playing music by another New Age pianist, David Nevue.

His music defiantly has the left hand patterns to make it sound New Age. I learned this song in about 7 hours. It is called Sweet Dreams and Starlight. I did make several mistakes, but I hope they aren't too noticeable.

 I am working on another song by this guy right now. It is a medley of Bach and Pachelbel. It is seven pages though, so If I ever finish it, I will probably film that one too.

Guess that's it!!