Monday, September 10, 2012

Nancy Drew Find!

Yesterday was a very good day. After church, my mom and I drove over to Dundee Michigan, a town about 15 minutes away. It is really old, and has a bunch of little shops.

We first went to a store called Silver Bells. It is a Christmas store that is open all year round. It has been a store for years, and this was the first time we had ever gone. It was very cool! Lots of ornaments and and lights. We didn't buy anything, but it was very fun to look!

Afterwards, we went over to my favorite shop in Dundee, Swan Creek Candle and Antiques. The store smells so good! That is where mom will buy most of her Christmas gifts for her friends. I always tag along, because the store cool! The upstairs part of the store in an antique shop. They sell mainly children's things, so I like to look for old doll things.

I didn't find anything for my dolls, but I was very happy to find this...

A 1938 Nancy Drew book! This is an original copy, and it only cost me $4.00! I was very happy to get this. We are planning on going back in a few weeks to take a better look at all the other books.

Have you ever had an amazing find at an antique shop? What was it?


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Sara said...

I have one of the older versions of the Nancy Drew books, too. Aren't the best? Congrats on your find!