Thursday, March 7, 2013

To Be a Princess...

I don't have a problem admitting that I love dolls. Truth is, I would say I have an obsession with them. I'm not exactly sure why. A lot of people think of them as being creepy. And yes, some are. My collection of dolls though, are more of a hobby then anything. At the moment, I am into the larger sized dolls. (16"-18") But when I was younger, I was much more into the Barbie dolls.

I had a ton of Barbie dolls when I was younger. I would play with them all the time. When I was about ten though, I suddenly decided I was too old for dolls. So, I gave them all away, only to find out later, that was a huge mistake. Although I couldn't get what I gave away back, I started my collection over again. I haven't gotten any Barbie dolls in several years, but that doesn't mean I don't still love them.

I used to really enjoy the Barbie movies. My favorites were "The Island Princess," and "The Diamond Castle." I had all the dolls from those movies. In fact, I still do! I collected my second time around.

Another one I really loved was a Barbie classic, "The Princess and the Pauper." One of my favorite songs in that movie was, "To Be a Princess.""

But in the past 4 or 5 years, the movies have gotten worse. I've only seen a few, and I wasn't impressed. In fact, just recently a Barbie movie came out, "The Princess and the Popstar." I haven't seen it, but I heard one of the songs, and nearly broke out in tears. Hear for yourself..."

They ruined the song!! I'm sorry if I'm making a big deal about this, but I hate it when someone changes something that was perfectly fine to begin with.

How about you? Have you ever liked something, and then it was changed for the worse?

Thanks for reading! ~Sam

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