Saturday, May 25, 2013


Yesterday, I went with my brother to see the newest animated movie in the theater, Epic.

I wasn't exactly sure what to expect with this movie. I had seen the teasers on TV, but I really had no idea what the storyline was, or really, what the movie was about at all. The only reason I went to see it with him was because I didn't want to see Star Trek: Into Darkness with the rest of my family because I had already seen it. (I did ended up seeing it a second time anyway, but that's another story.)

Anyway, the movie was about a girl named Mary Katharine (MK.) She lived with her mother for most of her life, until she died. Then she went to go live with her father. (That's where this movie starts off.) I'm guessing she's probably sixteen or seventeen at this point.

Anyway, her father is kind of neurotic. He is really into his scientific work. He believes that there are little people in the world, and he has spent that past decade trying to find them. MK gets fed up with her father's ridiculous thinking after living with him for only one day, and decides to leave. Instead of going back home though, she is somehow transformed into one of the little people by Queen Tara, the leader of the little people.

Once she becomes small, she is told that she has to deliver the blossom that will show the kingdom's destiny to where it belongs. That in turn becomes the main storyline.

Although the graphics were wonderful and full of color, and the characters were quite entertaining, the basic story itself was missing something. Maybe because the movies I've seen recently have all been pretty long, this one seemed very short. I guess I just kept waiting for something more to happen, but it never did.

In fact, after I walked out of the theater, it took me a little while to actually be able to tell someone what it was about. I'm not saying that the movie was bad. In fact, I did enjoy it. But I am saying that it wasn't the best movie I ever saw, and that I wouldn't be surprised if I never saw it again.

Have you seen Epic yet? What are your thoughts about it?



Brittney Ann said...

Thanks 4 the review!! I actually have been wanting to see this movie=) I've never seen the trailer before but I saw the movie poster and it looked really cool =D

Anonymous said...

Nowadays the movies have not been as good. But I saw this one advertised and thought, finally! There was a nice movie fit for the family. You almost never see those anymore. I will probably rent it once it comes out on DVD.


Anonymous said...

Have you read any books by Chanda Hahn? If not you should. She is a very good writer.