Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Samantha Doll on Ebay

If you have followed my blog since I started it back in July 2009, then you'd know that this blog used to be mainly about American Girl dolls. They were my thing. I loved them so much, and whenever I saved up $100, I would always spend it on a doll. Always.

I got my first doll for Christmas 2008. That was Kirsten. Then in March 2009, I got Chrissa for my birthday. I didn't get another doll until November of that year, when my friend gave me her used doll, JLY #8. I named her Hailey. The next doll I got was Lanie, for my birthday in 2010. A few weeks later, I spent my birthday money on Julie. Then for Christmas that year I got Felicity and Elizabeth. In 2011, I only got one doll, Kanani for my birthday. And then in 2012, I got Kit and Josephina in May when I went to American Girl in Chicago.

I haven't gotten a doll since. I didn't stop collecting, I just decided I wanted to spend my money on something more useful. We are planning on going to American Girl in Columbus this Summer, so I thought I'd buy a doll then, but then I made the mistake of going on ebay today.

I saw her. A Samantha doll. I wanted to close the page, but then again, I couldn't. The price was right, and I have been looking for a Samantha doll for years.

Here is a picture of the doll on the website.

American girl Samantha doll

She is missing her stockings, but I figured I could probably find some to replace them, even if they weren't American Girl brand.

So...I did end up buying her.

I guess she is suppose to come in by this time next week. I'm really looking forward to it. I will make sure to take pictures once she comes in. By the pictures, she looks like she is in good shape, but I can't tell for sure. I have no idea if she smells like pets or smoke, since it didn't specify. But, I figure if she does, I can always take her with me to American Girl if we go this summer, and have her cleaned up professionally.

Have you even bought a doll used before? Were you happy with the results? I'd love to know!



Jasmine said...

How much did you pay?

Sammy said...

@Jasmine, after shipping, it was about $85.00. :)