Sunday, July 7, 2013

American Girl Original Hair Styles

   Getting dolls are a lot of fun! Whether you order them online, or go to the store to buy them, you are always anxious to get it home and put that doll with the rest of your collection.
 I have always felt that way about American Girl dolls. I have gotten my dolls just about every way possible. Birthdays, Christmas, allowance money, online, the AG Places, from a friend, and just recently, eBay.
    I still haven't uploaded that video of my newest doll, but I promise I will soon. Until then, I'd like you to try to guess what doll it is. (I will give a hint in this post.)

   Anyway, because I have gotten some dolls on eBay, their hair has been...not right. I mean, both of my used dolls have been in excellent shape, but because I didn't get the doll when she was brand new, I had no idea how to do her hair in the original style...

   ...Until I found something on the Living a Doll's Life Blog. This is such a cool website full of all sorts of doll things! One of those things, were these charts once printed by American Girl about the doll's original hair styles. Look at these!


So now I'll be able to fix my doll's hair the "right" way!

Alright, so here's the tiny hint on my newest doll...Her hair style is in these photos.

Have fun guessing! (And styling your doll's hair!) In fact, you could even try these styles o yourself! If you do, I'd love to see pictures!



Hannah said...

I guess Molly! :)

Anonymous said...

Do you have Felicity? She's my favorite out of the ones I know. For me, the problem is money. I don't have enough money for dolls and neither does my family.