Sunday, June 8, 2014

Our California Adventure (Day 1, Part 2)

So after a long morning, we made it to Phoenix. I have always wanted to visit Phoenix. Actually, I've always just wanted to visit Arizona. Ever since playing Nancy Drew #10: The Secret of Shadow Ranch, the old west became very fascinating to me. In fact, I even wrote two books about it!

Just stepping off of the plain and onto the airport floor, I felt like I had accomplished something. Even if we were only going to be there for twenty four minutes, I could now say I had been to Arizona. (I'm sure you Arizona dwellers are rolling your eyes at my total nerdness right about now.)

I had to take a picture of the airport too.

Displaying image.jpeg

Which made me think of this...

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This is the scene when Nancy is at the airport in Phoenix. (They must have renovated some since 2004)

So far, my day had been excellent. The plain ride was very smooth, I was now in a city I had always dreamed about going to, and now were were only hours away from California. What could go wrong?

I've learned that's something you NEVER say at an airport.

Remember that storm I told you about in my last post? The snow storm on the other side of the country? Yeah...well, because of that storm...our plane got in late. And because our plane got in late, the plane we were supposed to get on to go to California left without us. And because the plane left without us, we had to wait four hours until our new plane showed up. Oh joy.

None of us were too thrilled. Turned out Arizona really wasn't as awesome as I was expecting. (Well, the airport anyway.)

We walked around a bit, stretching our legs after such a long ride. We went to a few gift shops. I got a package of arrowheads. I'm never getting that money back...

We also went to a very expensive cafe that sells $7.00 yogurt and granola, and $12.00 coffees. While sitting there, I noticed one of the employees looked just like Loki. I mean, they were very strangely identical. I tried my hardest to get a picture of him without being overly "creeperish" but the only picture I got focused on my mother's empty $7.00 yogurt container, and not him.

Displaying image.jpeg

If you're ever at the Phoenix airport, find this place and look for Loki the bus boy. You'll see how right I am.

Anyway, so the next like...three and a half hours we just sat. We all had our iPads with us, and thank goodness the airport had wifi. Seeing Loki the bus boy got mom in the mood to watch the Avengers on Netflix. My grandmother spent the entire time reading on her tablet, and I decided to watch a movie I hadn't seen in a very long time.

High School Musical.

If only I wasn't at a public airport. I could have burst out singing all those overly dramatic nostalgic songs. But no, I did not make a total fool of myself. (At least, not intentionally.)

Finally, finally, FINALLY, we were able to get on our new plane to Ontario, California. Since of course, we didn't originally have seats for this flight, each of our tickets were random, which meant we didn't get to sit together. My grandmother was placed up front by a younger couple. My mother was placed near the back by an older couple who talked the entire time about Disneyland, and I sat in between two women. The one near the window who looked just like Mrs. Dabney from Good Luck Charlie slept the entire ride...that is, until the flight attendant came out with snacks. She woke up to that. The woman to my right spent the entire flight reading. I didn't say a word to either of them the whole time. And frankly, I think all three of us were glad we didn't have to be social.

The ride to California was very bumpy. My stomach kept feeling like it was dropping, which isn't a very reassuring feeling when you're in between two strangers in a cram packed airplane. I tried to ease myself. I watched Judge Judy on the tv, and then listened to Lindsey Stirling on my phone. I tried reading like the one lady, but it certainly doesn't help your upset stomach to try to focus on words while bouncing up and down.

I was very glad when we landed. I think everyone on the plane was. We got there four hours later than we planned, which reminded me of Shadow Ranch again. (Bess and George's plane was delayed several times.)

I just kept saying to myself "We're here, we're here."

But honestly, we weren't. Yes, we were in California, but we still had a long day ahead of us. That's day was turning into that of a Nancy Drew mystery.

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