Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Friends

I have told you about my some of my friends. And you saw most of them in the Angel Food Post. But in this post, I'm going to share a little more about them.

Cori: Is alot like me. She is really
funny, and is always tring to make
me, or anyone feel welcome. She
is 13, (14 in mid Sept) and I'm very blessed that she came to know me.

Abby: A great addiction to
my list of friends. Abby
is 12, and loves all kinds
on Animals. She is very kind, and always wants
me to be happy in having
what I want. I don't know
what life would be like
if I never met her.

Julia: I have known Julia
my whole life. She is always
speaking her heart out, and
is not afraid to say what she
thinks. Even if she is a little
boy-crazy, she is very friendly
and smart. Life would be very
quite and boring without her.

Brianna: I have known Bri for about
five years. And she as always been very
caring towards others. She is quite
at times, and off the wall crazy at others.
She is very kind, and can make friends with
about everyone she meets. And she always
has something nice to say about everyone.
She is a great part of my life!

Faith: Faith is Brianna's 10 year-old
sister. She is very mature for her age.
She is very friendly, and is always giving hugs.
She is really into American Girl,
And she is a great "Disco Dancer"
(She knows what I means) Faith is
rather quite, but she has a HUGE heart-(End of Friends)
Well, these are my best friends. I have other friends like Abby N. A small girl, with a big heart. Michaela F. One of the best singers I have ever meet, And Erin C. The quite girl, full of great Ideas. So, I'm really blessed that I have such great friends who are always here for me. Without them, I think that I wouldn't be the girl I am today!


Melissa said...

It looks like you have a bunch of great Friends!


Cori said...

Oh thanks...tee hee...I am Cori...the one holding the head of lettuce...