Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Okay, so yesterday, me and my mom went over to my friend, Julia's house for a teen girls bible study. (Cori and Abby are in it too.) Anyway, while we were over there, I asked if I could see her American Girl doll. Julia has a JLY doll that someone had given her grandma, and her grandma gave it to her. Julia got it out for me. I knew that Julia wasn't really into AG dolls, and was more into High School Musical and Hannah Montana. So, I asked, "Can I buy the doll from you?" And she said, "I'll have to ask my mom." So, she went to ask. I was planning to give her $20.00 for it. But then, she came back and said, "My mom said you could have her." I was SO surprised! I gave Julia the biggest hug ever. I kept telling her that I would give her some money for it. But she said it was fine. And not only did she give me the doll, she also gave me a bag of clothes! I was SO happy!! So right now, as I write this my new doll is sitting on my lap. Here are some pictures. \
I'm really excited about her, but there is only one problem... I DON"T KNOW WHAT TO NAME HER!!!! So, I'm going to have a poll. And you can decide what to name her. And you can comment on this post telling me what you voted for. This is going to be so much fun. I can't wait to see what name wins!!! Thanks!!!! -Sammy


Cori said...

Definently Becca :D
Didn't u say that u were going to name her that because she is the friend of the girl ur writting about?
Anyway love all the names though but Becca for sure is my favorite. :D :) :D

Shai said...

How about Esmeralda? i like dominique or monique too. maybe ellabecca? that sounds like a princess!