Thursday, October 29, 2009

We Got Lost in the Fun at Farmer Charley's Corn Maze!

On Sunday night, Me and my Youth Group went to "Farmer Charley's Corn Maze." It was so much fun. I have been there three other times, but this year was one of the best. Every year, the maze is a different theme. This year it was The Wizard of Oz. The maze that we went threw was shaped like Dorthy and Toto. Anyway, you go threw the maze, and you find these questions that tell you what way to go. But you will only go the right way if you answer the question right. Our Youth Group split up into three groups, and my group got threw it first.

Here are the people in our group.

Front Row L-R: Cori, Brianna, Brittany, Mara, Me, and Abby
Back Row L-R: Dave (Brianna's Dad) Nick, (Another adult in the group) Tiphanie, and my Mom.
I loved my group! Anyway, It was more than just a corn maze. After we finished the maze, we went on this ride where you sit in this large tub thing, and a tractor pulls you around. It looked slow, but it was anything but. There were also these long tubes that you go go in and people can roll you around. Or you can try to walk on them. But it was really hard. There was also a petting zoo, pumpkin chucking, and at the end, we all went on a hay ride and sang Christmas Carols, Veggie Tales, and Sunday School songs. It was a great day. Here are some pictures. It took forever to put on, but I finally did. Hope you like them!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sammy! That looks like alot of fun! I love corn mazes!

Moriah said...

Wow! That does look fun

Cori said...

It was SOOOO much fun :D
I had a blast!!!!!

Abby's world said...

that was really fun yayayayay
:) :p :D :}

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! That looks fun and kind of funny!! Lol.