Friday, October 23, 2009

Evan's Birthday!!!

Today is My Brother-Evan's 7th B-Day. Every time there is a kid birthday in the house, I sleep in the boys room. And last night, I could not sleep. Evan let me sleep in his bed, and he sleped on the comforter on the floor. (It feels like a mattress filled with feathers.) Anyway, The boys kept talking. Collin-my eleven year old brother kept complaining about his headache. And Cameron-my eight year old brother kept tyring to tell me something, But I couldn't even understand what he was saying because he was whispering. Evan fell asleep really quick. But I didn't fall asleep until about 11:00pm. Soon, I was woken up by someone calling my name. It was Cameron telling me it was 5:00am. And mom told us that we weren't aloud to get up until 6:00am to do presents. Sense then, I have not been asleep. The boys were now talking again, and It was nearly imposable to get back to sleep. Finally, around 5:50am, Cameron went to go wake up my mom. And came back about 3min later, and said that mom said that we couldn't open presents until 7:00am. I couldn't take another min in there. I got up, and went to the living room, and watched Jon and Kate Plus 8. The episode was an hour long, so when it ended, It would be about 7:00am. The boys went down stairs to play the PS2. Finally, my mom and dad got up, and we did presents. Evan got, two Webkinz, a Ram and a Porcupine. Two Lego Sets. And a NCAA 2009 game. He said his birthday was really good. We are going out to eat tonight. It will be fun. Well, I am pretty tired, I think I'll go take a nap. See ya later!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Joelle said...

Hi Sammy,

That is cool! Hope you get some sleep! My mom has been sick :( please pray the rest of my family (INCLUDING ME!) doesn't get sick.

Tell your brother I said Happy Birthday!


Cori said...

LOL hope he has a great one.
Don't tell him this but he doesn't look like he's 7.
Anyway get some sleep.
Have a great birthday Even!!!!
Tell him Happy Birthday for me.
And while your at it give him a hug for me too.
Since you know how I can't give him one myself LOL.
Thanks :D
-Cori :D

~Miss Zara~ said...

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