Thursday, January 28, 2010

I was tagged by Cori!!!

My Friend Cori Taggeg me. So, here I go.

Do you like chocolate?
YES!!! (But Only Milk Chocolate)

Can you climb trees?
Well, I have climed one before.

What continent would you like to visit?

What chinese year were you born?
The Year of the Rat. (Yahoo)

Are you a terrible artist?
Well, not really, but I'm not that great eather.

List three movies you can't stand?
I can't think of any right now

Do you like to get up early or sleep late?
Sleep Late!!!

What are some of your favorite books?
Long Ride Home, (Susan K. Marlow) Narnia (C.S Lewis) And some more.

Have you ever seen the star wars movies?
I have seen a few. (I have a 9 year old brother)

List three of your favorite star wars characters;
Princess Leia, Padme, and Chubaka. (I guess)

Do you like to play or listen to music?
Big YES to both!!!

Are you big into sports?
I played Basketball for three years. But that was a while ago.

Do you read a lot?
Yes. I usually read about 6 books a month.

Have you ever had a caption contest on your blog?
What is it??

Do you sing a lot?
I guess. But not in puplic.

Well, I guess thats it! I'm going to tag...


Thanks Cori!!!


Susan Marlow said...

Hey, I just happened to see your fun "tag" and WHOA! You listed one of MY books as one of YOUR favorites?
Sammy, I am totally touched. *thanks*
come say hi sometime . . .

Cori said...

I LUV the way your blog looks Sammy. :)
Oh and I love the High School Musical song for piano. Very cool. :)