Sunday, January 24, 2010

Clue for Cori, and Piano!

Hey Guys!!! I don't have really anything to post about, but my friend Cori wanted another clue about my party, so, I decided to just find something to post about online. So first, I'll give clue #3. So, here it it. Clue #3: The Guests will be on teams. Okay. Keep guessing! ;) Oh, and I found this movie online, and I thought that it was cool! I like because I love to play the piano! And this movies inspires me to want to do better in it. So here it is! -Sammy



Cori said...

Thanks Sammy.
I still need more
I'm still guessing :)
I love the video too. Very cool.
Oh and I tagged you on my blog.
Come on over and check it out.
See ya later.

Cori said...

Oh and hey Sammy, I have a blog button now so you can copy and paste the code on your blog side bar. Instead of that very cool pic of