Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Very Long Tag from Quinlyn!!

Hey Guys!!! Hope you all had a great Valentines day!!!! I was tagged by Quinlyn, so I'm going to answer all these questions.

Here I go...

Are you right-handed or left-handed? Left

Have you ever had anything removed from your body? I don't think so...

What is the last heavy item you lifted? I box with a computer in it. (It wasn't very heavy)

What is your salad dressing of choice? Ranch!

What is your favorite sit-down restaurant? Hmm. I like Red Robin's and Olga's

What food could you eat for 2 weeks straight and not get sick of it? Any kind of fruit.

What are your pizza toppings of choice? Just Cheese.

What do you like to put on your toast? Peanut butter


If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die? No!

If you could change your name, what would you change it to? I don't know. I look like a Samantha.

Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000? If it's a really tiny bottle, maybe. But other wise, NO Way!!

How many pairs of flip-flops do you own? Well, I had 3, but my mom made me get rid of the two that don't fit anymore.

Last time you had a run-in with the cops? All the time!! (Just Kidding)

Last person you talked to in person? My mom.

Favorite month? March, April, and December

Mood? Happy, But tired

What are you listening to? The sound of the laptop, and of my dog licking her paw.

Watching? Nothing, but Judge Judy is paused on the TV.

Worrying about? Playing the piano in front of the whole church on Sunday.

What's the last movie you watched? Ratatouille.

Do you smile often? Yes!

Do you always answer your phone? When I'm at home by myself, yes. But if someone else is at home, no.

If you could change your eye color, what would it be? I like brown.

What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic? I have never been to a Sonic! :)

Do you own a digital camera? Yes, but I mostly use my mom's.

Have you ever had a pet fish? Yes. When I was younger I had Angel Fish, and last year I got a gold fish I named Flo. But she died.

Favorite Christmas song? Carol of the Bells

What's on your wish list for your birthday? Well, Lanie, and maybe some AG stuff at Michaels.

Can you do push-ups? I could if I wanted to.

Can you do a chin-up? I haven't done one since second grade Field day.

Do you have any saved texts? On my dad's phone, yeah. But sometimes he deletes them.

Ever been in a car wreck? Nope.

Do you have an accent? Nope.

What is the last song to make you cry? I don't remember.

Plans tonight? Piano Lessons, and Bible Study.

Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom? What dose that mean??

Name 2 things you bought yesterday: Um, I don't think I bought anything yesterday, but I bought AG stickers at Michaels today. (well, my mom bought them)

You ever been given roses? No, but I have been given flowers for directing a play.

Current hate right now? Um, I hate a dirty house. But ours isn't to bad right now.

Met someone who changed your life? Yes! Jesus!!!

What were you doing at 12 AM last night? Um, Sleeping!!!

What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up? My neck hurts. (I slept on it funny)

How many televisions are in your house? Five, but only two of them have cable.

What color cell phone do you have? I don't have one.

What does the first text message in your inbox say and who sent it? Well, I don't have a phone, but my first text from my dad's phone was from my friend Cori.

Who was the last person to call you? My Dad just did like, 5 min ago.
That was a lot of fun!!!!

I will tag...

Coolmonkey (Abby)
Queen Lucy

Thanks Guys!!! Oh, and no more clues!! I'm going to be telling you guys soon!!!

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