Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Hey Guys!! Today is a very special day for me. Why you ask? Well, BECAUSE IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! This morning at 10:55am I turned 14. And so far, today was a great day. Here are the things that I got from my family.

LANIE!!!! I love her So much!!! I was really excited!!! She also came with her first book. (Not Shown)

Lanie's Garden Outfit. This is my favorite of Lanie's outfits. (I love the Hat and Shoes the best)

Here is a pic of Lanie in the outfit.

Lanie's Accessories I love Lulu the Bunny and the Laptop the best. It also came with a bracelet. (Not Shown)

The Julie Just for fun book. I haven't looked at it much yet, but It looks really fun!

A doll bed. My Dad and brothers made the bed, and my Mom and Grandma made the Blanket and Pillow. And, the blanket and pillow are reversible. I love the bed SO much!!!

And then for breakfast, we went to MC Donald's with my friends, Cori and Abby. And they also got me a gift.

This is a bag that I'm going to use to carry my Bible. It's really cute!!

And, they also got me the doll Purses book. I can't wait to make them.

So those were all the gifts I got. I'm really grateful, and glad that I have been here for 14 years. :)

Tonight, I'm going to see this guy with Cori and Abby. His name is Nick Vujicic. He's this guy without any arms or legs. We watched a movie of him in my youth group and I'm really excited to see him. Here is his website. Anyway, I gotta go. But thanks for reading!!!



miss m said...

Very nice.

Susan Marlow said...

Happy birthday, Sammy. This is a very cute blog. If you're wondering how I found you, I happened to get a Google Alert that had the name of one of my books posted somewhere, so I went to see what it was. And WOW! It was on your #9-favorite book, Andrea Carter and the Long Ride Home.
What a shocker-surprise THAT was!
Thank you, thank you for making my day with that.
Anyway, if you liked the first book, you'd probably really love the others too (books 2-5).
Hope you had a fantastic birthday!

Anne said...

Happy late birthday!!!!
That's so awesome you got Lanie!!!!!!
She's so cute!!!
And the beds are so nice!!!!
My Lanie says hi to your Lanie!

Cori said...

I luv your new background.
It is soooo cute.
It reminds me of Lanie's Dress almost.
bye Sammy :)