Saturday, February 27, 2010

And the Winner is...

Hey Guys!!! Okay, so right now, I have in my lap a box. In the box is seven slips of paper. And on the slips of paper are the names of the people who entered my giveaway for the purse, hair brush, and lip balm. I also put in a pink bracelet that says love on it. (I already have one just like it, and I don't need two.) So, I haven't drawn the name yet, but I'm about to. :)

So here is what I'm going to do I'm going to draw three slips of paper one at a time. The first paper I pull out is the winner. If the winner doesn't contact me within ten days, (Feb.28-Mar.9)the next paper I pull will be the new winner. If that person doesn't contact me within ten days, (Mar.9-18) Then the next person will get it. If they don't contact me in ten days, (Mar. 19-28) I'm just going to keep the prize, or give it to one of my friends. So, I'm getting ready to draw right now. (I was going to film it, but the camera is in my mom's purse, and my mom has her purse with her at the store.)

So here I go... my hand is in the box now.

I have a slip of paper. I'm going to open it.

And the winner is...

Anne!!!! Congrats Anne!!! YOU WON!!!!!

Okay. Here is the next person.

And the second person is...

Cori!!!!! Yeah Cori!!!!!

And the last person is...

Miss. M (Moriah) Yeah!!!

Sorry, Jacob, Jasmine, Hannah, and Shelby. :(

Hopefully, next time, one of you will win.

Anyway, congrats Anne!!!!

This was alot of fun. Can't wait to have another one!!!



Anne said...

YAY!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, Sammy!!!!!!
I sent you a message!

miss m said...

Thanks for hosting this giveaway. It was fun.


miss m said...

Happy birthday, Sammy. Over at Cori's blog she told everyone. :)