Thursday, February 25, 2010

I LOVE Sticks!!

Hey Guys!!! Before I talk about this posts subject, I just wanted to tell you that I'm going to draw the winner of the giveaway on Saturday instead of Sunday. So make sure that you come back on the 27th to see who wins!!!

Okay, Well, I was IMing Jasmine from Dolls n' Wool(
about Sticks. And you may think, "Why would you want to talk about pieces of wood?" Well, maybe first you should what sticks are. Sticks is a dance/drama that about nine kids in my youth group are doing. What we do is take these long wooden sticks and do a drama to music with them. It's alot of fun. We are doing a performance to How Great Thou Art by Newsong. We have been working on this for about a month and I think it going really well. Here are some pictures of us practing.

We are going to competition in March and I'm really excited! I'm also going to play the piano, and sing. So, I have to start practing!! See ya later! (Oh yeah, only one week from today till my b-day!!) ~Sammy

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