Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Inner Detective Tag!!!

I'm going to be making my own tag. It's called, "Your Inner Detective Tag" It's really simple. All you have to do is answer these questions, and then tag whoever you want. Okay. Lets start.

Q. Do you like Mysteries?: A: Well, Yeah!!

Q. Have you read any Mystery books?: A: Well, yeah!!
Q. If you have, what mystery books have you read?: A: Well, mostly Nancy Drew, but I have also read American Girl Mysteries, Mini Mysteries, The Hardy Boys, and others like that.

Q. If you could be a detective, would you?: A: Well, maybe, but I'm not a kind of person that wants to get into danger. I'm more of a safe person. :)But I think it might be fun. :)

Q. Have you played any of the Nancy Drew Adventure games by Her Interactive?: A: Yes! They are like, the best games EVER!!!

Q. If you have, what is your favorite game?: A: Hmm. I liked Warnings at Waverly Academy the best. :)

Q. Have you played any of the Hardy Boy games?: A: Nope. They don't look that fun.

Q. If you have, what is your favorite game?: A: I haven't.

Q. What is your favorite part about solving a mystery (In a game, or in a book, or in real life): A: Well, I think knowing that you finished something on your own is a good reward. :)

Q. Did you like this tag?: A: Well, yay! I made it!!!

Thanks for taking it! I am going to tag...

Anyone who wants to do it! And if you decide to use it, please comment on this post telling me that you did. I would love to read it!!!



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Anne said...

I did it on my blog!