Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Very Long 2 Weeks

Hey Everyone.

Sorry I have not posted in a Long, Long, Long, Long time. I have had a Very, Very, Very, Very, busy couple of weeks. My Aunt Janel, Uncle Mark, and there kids, (my cousins) Andrew, Sadie, Abbey, and Seth came to stay with us. (They live in CA) It was so much fun, but It gets very busy when there is 12 people living in the same house with only 2 bathrooms, 2 showers, 3 bedrooms, 4 computers, and small dining space. It also seamed that wherever you go, someone else was in that room. They left this morning, and I'm sad that they had to go. I wouldn't mind if they stayed for a few extra days, but now, the house just seams, well...quite. Maybe it's because 2 of my brother are asleep. They (My Cousins) had to be at the airport at 6:45am. And the airport is in Detroit which is about a half hour away from our home. So, they had to get up around 5am. And we were also up around 5, because we wanted to say goodbye once they left. So, right after they left, My dad and one of my brothers went outside to work in our backyard, one of my brothers at Breakfast, and one of them fell asleep. I started cleaning the living room, and once it was done, I watched TV for a little bit. Before I knew it, I was the one asleep. I woke up about an hour ago. So, although it's only 9:45am, It feels like it's past noon since I was up earler than normal. :) So, that's what has been going on this past 2 weeks. It was one of the longest 2 weeks ever, but I have so much fun. :)

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