Friday, August 20, 2010

A Bible Study, and Bieber's Baby (lol)

Hey Everyone!!!! So, for the past 2 years, me and 3 of my friends have been doing a girls Bible Study. We meet every other week. Usually on a Thursday. We have done Studies on Purity, Modesty, and the book of Philippians. It has been so much fun. Well, we are planning on doing it again this year. One of the girls and her mom can't do it this year, because they have a busy year. But me and my 2 other friends, (Cori from Cori's Blog, and Abby from Child of Grace) Are still doing it. We might invite some other girls, but we haven't decided who yet. Anyway, this year, we are doing a study from this book,

It's a Bible Study about the books of Ruth and Esther. Ruth is my favorite book of the Bible, because it is about friendship. I also really like Esther, because it shows you that God can use anyone for his Glory. Anyway, I am looking forward to doing this study. I'll let you guys know more about it when it gets closer.

And...I think we decided on what song we are using for a music video. I guess we decided to make fun of Justin Bieber. We are going to do a funny version of Baby. A kid at my Church really wanted to be in the music video, so we decided that he could be Justin Bieber. I wouldn't say he looks "Just Like" Him, but I guess he sorta looks a little like him. I don't know. :) We were planning on making the video at my church. (Making a funny looking bowling ally, but then Cori had an idea to do it at a real bowling ally. We still haven't set a date of when or where we are going to make this video, but I promise that we are working on it, and that we should have it soon. :) But since we are starting school next week, that might get in the way. :( Oh well, I will try to get it on here as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading guys!!!


~Quinlyn~ said...

Oh my word, I can't wait to see the video Sammy!! :D I make fun of Justin Bieber all the time...Haha. But I also know Baby by heart so it'll be quite interesting to see what you come up with. :D


Cori said...

I is sooooo excited about the bible study and the video :)
Both are gonna be grrrrreat! <3 lolz!

Jasmine said...

That's sounds cool! I run a WLM bible study and we're studying Esther. Esther is my favorite book, because it's all about how God used a young, teenage girl (Bible scholars think that she was 13 when she became Queen) for a huge plan.

Stella said...

Sammy, You follow my blog, and I recently changed my URL. Can you please re follow me? Other wise my posts won't appear on your dashboard. Incase you are wondering, I changed my screen name. I used to be Saratess.

Heres my link: