Monday, September 6, 2010

My Third Giveaway!!!

Edit 9/9/10* You do NOT need to follow my blog to enter! Anyone can! Thanks! ~Sam

Hey Everyone!! So, for the past week, I have been really into making jewelry...for dolls! I have mostly been making necklaces for them. Here are some pictures :)

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So, since I have so much of this jewelry, I decided I was going to share it with you. So, I am having a giveaway!!!

If you remember in the past year, I had 2 other giveaways. In October 2009, Joelle won the Addy McDonald's toy, and this March, Anne won a purse, hair brush, and lip balm.

Here is the deal...

I have lots and lots of jewelry, and I would love to give away lots and lots of jewelry, but...I don't want to give away too much. So what I am going to do is this...

I will give these 3 necklaces to someone,

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And every 3 people that enter, I will add another set I'm giving away. Make since??

Like, if 6 people sign up, 2 people will win. If 9 people sign up, 3 people will win. If 12 people sign up, 4 people will win. Get it??? Hope so!

So, here is how you can enter!

Tell me your first name or nickname,

Give me your email, so I can contact you if you win.
(If you rather not put your email on my blog, you can email me
your email at

If you have a website or blog, please put the link in your comment

You must live in the USA (Sorry everyone else)

You need your parents permission (If you do win, I need your address)

And I would be VERY grateful if you could tell about my giveaway on your blog or website.

And...I think that's about it!

Oh yeah! Don't have a doll, or are not really "into" dolls anymore??? The necklaces work as bracelets for yourself!!!

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Please Please Please!!! Sign up!!!!! The giveaway ends Friday, September 24th

Thank you!!!


Jasmine said...

I'll enter :D!!!! I already follow your blog, I have my parents permission, and I believe that you already have my e-mail address!

Here's my main blog:

I'll post about your giveaway on my doll blog later!

Bill Van Wormer said...

Enter Anna, Rachel and Bekah, please. They would all love these beautiful pieces of jewelry. Also, see you on Sunday! :)
From Auntie Julie (I always wanted to be an "auntie". So I will in my virtual life. )

Anne said...

Hi my name is Anne! I would love to enter! I have my mom's permission. My email is My blog address is! Thank you for the comments on my blog and thank you for having this giveaway! :)


Liz said...

Hi Sammy!

I would LOVE to enter to win some of your doll jewelry! My mom says I can enter! My name is Liz. My website is My email is

Thanks for the chance to win! :D