Friday, September 24, 2010

The Room Redo Part 1

Hello everyone! So, today is that last day to enter my giveaway. You have until 11:59pm tonight to enter. I will choose the two winners tomorrow morning. Oh! And if you haven't guessed who the girls are trying to look like, you can still guess to try to win their award. (It is the post under this one. :) Okay, well, as some of you may or may not know, I have been planning to redo my room for awhile. I decided the color, the theme, everything! Well, the color of the room is going to be a light green. I was going to do purple and green, but I decided that just green would be better. Also, the theme of my room is going to be Owls and Vintage. (If only I could find vintage looking owls!) lol So, last night my parents and I started planning. We will be working one wall at a time, and so last night, I started on this wall...

Well, I took all the posters down, and the wall looked so weird. :) Anyway, yesterday morning, we went looking for some "vintage" looking things at the craft store, and we found these cute tin signs. One that says, "Always Kiss me Goodnight" and the other says, "Excellence is not skill, it's attitude" I also put up a little shelf With some little things on it. (I mini piano, a rainbow fish, and little doll, and a small change holder.) Then, I moved my calender over on that wall, and my Kit poster near the bottom. And here is what it looked like after.

Big difference, right? lol but we are not finished yet. The right corner of the wall is still very bear. So after we paint, my dad is going to put up some bookshelves. I can't wait to see how it turns out. Thanks for reading!!!!! ~Sammy


Gabrielle said...

Awesome! I love re-doing my room. :)
I just got a completely new room since we moved, though, so it's super exciting. I got to choose all new furniture and stuff because we are keeping our other house.
Can't wait to see more pictures as it goes!

Maya'lee said...

Wow, that's nice, Sammy! I like the new room (so far!) It's very cute!