Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Guess Who?

Today, the girls got an invitation in the mail for a "Welcome Fall Costume Party" They were all so excited, and started working on their costumes right away. Kirsten, Chrissa, and Lanie just finished them. They were so excited, that they wanted me to post pictures of them on here. But...They want you all to guess who they are supposed to be. They made up clues for you to use to figure it out. And whoever gets them all right, gets a special award that they made. So, all you have to do is this,

1. Look at the 3 different costumes, and the clues that go with them to try to guess who they are supposed to be.

2.Since the party is the second week of October, you will have to have your answers in by October 1st.

3. To guess, just say who you think they are in the comment box.

4. The winner or winners get the special award.

Got it?? Okay! Here are the pictures!

Lanie's Costume:

Lanie's Hints: 1. My Costume is based on a Disney Character
2. My Character was created in 2006
3. teescr opp atsr (Unscramble)

Chrissa's Costume:

Chrissa's Hints: 1.My costume is based on a half Disney character.
2.My Character was Created in the 1950's then re-created in 2005.
3. uenqe fo aarnin

Kirsten's Pictures:

Kirsten's Hints: 1.My character is based on a half Disney Character
2.My Character was created in 1863, but then re-created in 1951 and 2010
3.ehwit tbabri

Have fun with this!!! I will have the answers and the winners by October 2nd. Thanks! ~Sammy, Kirsten, Chrissa, and Lanie

Oh yeah! I will not publish your comments, so other people can't see what others think until the contest is over. :)


marvelousme said...

The first one is Hannah Montana, the second is Lucy Pevency from Narnia, and the third is Alice in Wonderland.

May said...

The third one is Alice and Wonderland!

Jasmine said...

Lanie is Hannah Montanna

Chrissa is Queen Lucy (from Narnia)

Kirsten is Alice (from Alice in Wonderland)

Anne said...

Lanie's Cotume: Hannah Montana

Chrissa's Costume: Queen Lucy from Narnia

Kirsten's Costume: Alice in Wonderland

Cute pictures!

Liddy said...

I'll do it soon!!

doing a contest on my blog!

Liddy said...

Secret Pop Star!
Queen of Narnia!
White Rabbit!!