Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vacation: Day 1: New York

Hey Everyone! It's me. And I am very bored. Right now, we are on our way to New York. We left this morning at 6:30am, and have been on the road ever since. We just left Cleveland. But we are almost in Pennsylvania. It is 10:15am, And my parents said we should be their by 3:30pm. I am ready to be there. I have a stomach ache from the car ride. (I hate sitting in the back seat) And no, I am not on my blog right now. I am on word pad, so when I do get into Internet range, I will post this on my blog. Oh! And I am really excited, because I know what doll, or should I say dolls I am getting!! lol Okay, so since I am bored, I will tell you the whole thing. :) I really wanted Felicity or Elizabeth because they are going to be archived. But...I don't have enough money for ether of them. So my mom told me that I could get one this week, but not be able to open her until Christmas. But I wasn't sure which one I really wanted. but my dad gave us each $35.00 to spend on vacation.So, my mom said that I can get one doll for Christmas, and then with my $35.00, I will put it towards another doll, and she will pay for the rest of it. But, I won't be able to open her until Christmas ether. So...I am fine with that! So on Saturday, I will get 2 new dolls. I promise that I will take pics of the AG place. And of my future dolls, Felicity and Elizabeth! :) Well, I will try to post this once we get to the Hotel. I will try to update you all on our trip. If I have time, everyday I will post about what I did that day. So, tonight, after we get to our Hotel, we are going to Cracker Barrel, because my dad has gift cards, then we are going to an Ice Cream Place. Then probably back to the hotel to go swimming. Hopefully, it will be fun. I have to get off now, because my laptop is about to die on me. Anyway, I will post this ASAP. Thanks for reading!!! ~Sammy

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