Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cori's Birthday, Vacation Suspense, and Teen Girl's Day Book

Hey everyone!!

Guess what??? Today is my friend Cori's 15th birthday!!! On Sunday, I went to her party. She did a laser tagging party. It was SO much fun! I would LOVE to do it again some time! :) I am working on something for Cori's birthday, but I don't have it done yet. But when I get it done, I will put it on here! So, Happy Birthday Cori!!!! lol

I am getting really excited about our vacation! It is going to be AWESOME!!! Anyway, I am going to do another Day Book. Like I said, I am going to do a few different ones, and then when I find the one that I like the best, I'll stick with it. So, today, I am doing the teen girls Day book. :) Ready? Here it goes!!

Date: 9/14/10

Starting Time: 6:35pm

Mood: Pretty Happy. :)

Outside my window: Dad mowing the grass. Really pretty day.

I'm thinking: About vacation :D

I'm reading: The Christy Miller books. (They are Awesome!)

I'm listening to: The music on my blog. (Right now, Naturally, by Selena Gomez) :)

I'm wearing: Black Jeans, and blue tank top.

Yesterday I: See for yourself. :) http://sammysleuth.blogspot.com/2010/09/long-day-short-post.html

I'm excited for: VACATION!!!!

I'm sad because: Our car isn't working. :/

I'm hungry for: Gummy Bears! lol

The song stuck in my head is: Fearless by Taylor Swift

I want: to chat with someone. :)

I love: My friends, family, and puppy

I hate: Headaches. :p

This week my goal is: To have a fun time on vacation!

Did I meet my goal of last week: What goal? lol

Ending time: 6:41pm

That was fun! Thanks for reading guys!
(And Happy Birthday, Cori!) ~Sammy

1 comment:

Cori said...

Thanks so much Sammy :)
I am very curious to find out what you have been making.
see ya tonight!