Monday, September 13, 2010

Long Day, Short Post :)

Not much to talk about. I am very tired. I spent the most of the day cleaning my room. It wasn't that bad, but I had a lot of clothes on the ground. I listened to 14 Adventures in Odyssey episodes. I have been listing to the Novacom album. (If you don't know what Odyssey is, it won't make since) Anyway, Then this afternoon, a family from our church came over. They have three girls. (5,3, and 1) They are very sweet. We played with my ag dolls, then we colored pictures of princesses. It was very fun. :) But I am SO tired. It is 11:07pm, and I am ready to go to sleep. Tomorrow, I am going to work at the library, then maybe ride my bike at the park. (I haven't decided yet) Then, we are going to start packing for our trip. We are leaving this Thursday. I am excited, but it feels like it is coming too soon. I will take LOTS of pictures. And hopefully, get a new doll at the American girl place in New York or Boston. Well, I think that is it. I feel very sleepy, and I can't stand to look at a screen anymore. I am ready to pull the warm blankets over my head, and fall very asleep. :) I'll try to post again tomorrow. :) ~Sammy

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Gabrielle said...

YAY! Let's hope for a new dollie (:
You're lucky you have time to clean your room and ride your bike, all I have time for is homework.. URGH. Anyway. Sorry, I can't enter your giveaway, though I'd love to. Anyway, talk to you later!
P.S. sleep well!