Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Programs Over the Years

Hey Guys!!

So, with Thanksgiving in only two days, and Christmas only a month away, I have been really looking forward to the holidays. And one of my favorite parts of the holidays, are the Christmas programs that my church puts on every year. Here are some pictures from past Christmas programs. :)

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This is a picture of me and my friends Julia and Brianna, when we did the Christmas play, "Flower of the Holy Night" in 2006. I played Pablo, (but since I'm a girl, we changed the name to Isabelle) who was the main character. I was a poor mexican girl who wanted to give Jesus a gift, even though she didn't have anything to give. That play was a lot of fun. We bought this funky dress at goodwill, and then spray tanned my skin to make me look mexican. They also dyed my hair. It was very fun. :)

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The next year, in 2007, our Church did the play called "3 Wise Men and a Baby." In this play, I played Sparklett, a french star who baked a birthday cake for Jesus. I wasn't the lead that year, but I didn't care. It was fun to be in it. In this picture, my friends Julia, Cori, and Abby and I were doing the motions to one of the songs. We were the 4 stars in the play.

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In fall 2008, our church had a "split." A lot of people left, because the church wanted to do something that they didn't like, so they left to start there own church. Well, a few of the people that left were the people that directed the Children's Christmas plays. So, someone stepped up only a few weeks before Christmas, and volunteered to direct the play. The play was called "A Mouse's tale." It was very short, and since a lot of the children that were in the kids class left the church with there parents, the choir wasn't very big. So, the director asked me and my friends to be in the choir, even though we were now to old. Plus, the day before the play, the person that was supposed to play the innkeeper got sick, so, I had to learn the one line that the innkeeper had. :) lol But it was fun!

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If you were following my blog last year around this time, you might remember that I wrote and directed the teen Christmas play. I wasn't in it, because I found out that I like directing the plays better than acting in them. Last years play was called "A Manger Carol" A Christian version of "A Christmas Carol." The play went amazing! And I am still super proud of everyone that turned my writing into life. :)

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And finally, there is this year. Once again, I wrote and am in the process of directing this one. This year, it is called "Codename: The Bright Messiah." It is about the innkeepers children who want to find this Messiah that everyone is talking about, so that he can save their parents inn. They look all over Bethlehem, and find out that the Messiah is sleeping in their manger. The program is December 12th. I am super excited, and worried all at the same time. I know that some of the cast members are really excited about this, but a lot of them don't seamed as dedicated. I just hope that they learn their lines really soon. I would love it if you could all pray for the play.

Thank you all so much, and thanks for reading! ~Sammy

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Karalee said...

We did 3 Wise Men and A Baby at my church too!! But I think we did it in '08. I was the North Star in ours :)