Monday, February 7, 2011

Girls Lock in Fun!!!

On Friday night, all the girls in my youth group got together at church for a all girls lock in. It was so much fun!! Sadly, I got sick around 11:30pm, and I had to go home. :( But what I did do while I was there was very fun! Here are some pictures of what we did.
Brianna got her hair done. It looked SO pretty!

The is me and my friend Michaela's new business, "On the go nails." (Nail Polish on a cart)                          
Michaela, Faith, Julia and I were able to go in the boy's bathroom for once. :) lol

Makeup...lots, and lots of :)

Someone brought a bunch of there fancy dresses, and the girls had fun putting them on.

I wish I could have stayed longer, but my stomach didn't want to. :( Anyway, I had a fun time the few hours I was there. Hopefully, if we have one again, my tummy will want to stay. :) Anyway, thanks for reading!!~Sammy


Maya'lee said...

That looked like so much fun, Sammy, and the dresses are so very pretty.

I'm glad you had a great time!

Have a great day!


Hannah said...

OMGoodness, that looks like so much fun!

Kellee said...

hahaha that is kinda funny... NO I don't mind at all that you use it... It's not the same anyways! :)

Jasmine said...

OH MY GOSH!!! That's so weird!!! Cause my church has a Girl's only Lock-In to, and my friend and I went into the boy's bathroom to see what it looked like!!!