Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We Care :)

On Saturday night, we went to the local "Saint Mike's We care telethon," Which was being held at the local college. It was very cool, because it was on TV! And it was live! We got there around 5:30pm. It had already started, but we had been watching it on TV at home, so we knew what was going on. :) What happened, was that people would call in, and make donations to kids with cancer. And while people would call in, People from the town would come and do some kind of Talent. (Some people danced, sang, played an instrument...) A lot of the talent was from kids. I was glad I brought my camera, because I never knew how cool it was to be at a live show! Here are some pictures I got...

It was so much fun!! I hope we can go again next year!


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