Friday, April 15, 2011

Nancy Drew Partner Play

3 of my friends and I are in this club. It is called, the Nancy Drew Partner Play.

What that means, is that we will get together online once a week, and will have a game club sort of thing.

All 4 of us love the Nancy Drew computer games. So, we will all be assigned to play the same game up to a certain part in the game. Then, we will talk about it together. It is very fun. We don't just talk about the games though, we also do other things. And one of the things we just started, is a mystery story.

Each week, one of us will write a short mystery for us to solve. This week, it was my friend Crystal's turn. She wrote this really good story that I am going to share with you. 

Now, before I show you the story, I want to tell you about the characters. Each of the main girls in the stories, are our characters.

I am Samantha Quick
and the other girls are
Kyler Mallory
Jane Penvellyn
Katie Firestone

Each of the characters are characters from a Nancy Drew game with our personalities. :) Make since??? Okay, here is the story. Please comment and tell me who you think did it. After a couple days, I will let you know who the "bad guy" is. :)

The day started out like any other day. Except today Jane was going to meet up with her friends at the Museum. When she got there she found Samantha, Katie, & Kyler were already waiting on her.
"Hey guys, gotten our tickets yet?" Jane asked skidding to a stop.
"Yeah, here. Lets hurry up and go in! I heard there's a secret exhibit they are going to unveil at 10!" Sam jumped.
"Oh my gosh! Look it's 9:50! We should get in there before it gets over crowded." Kyler said glancing at her watch.
On the way up the steps a man in a light brown coat and dark hair ran past them nearly knocking Katie to the ground. They watched as the man flew to the bottom and ran to the door they guessed led to the basement.
"Wonder what's his hurry." Katie Huffed and glared at the door.
"Doesn't matter now, look five minutes!" Jane announced.
The girls hurried up the steps and into the room where they were about to unveil the exhibit.
The room was almost empty besides a few people.
  • One was an older woman dressed in nice clothes and Ruby's around her neck. She was obviously into 1 in a million.
  • Then there was a bald man about in his forty's, he was dressed well but that was nothing compared to the woman. He was looked more like a show off then anything else.
"Sam, Isn't that your Uncle Charlie? What's he doing here?" Kyler pointed to the bald man.
"It sure is." She nodded. "He like things like this so I'm not surprised that he's here."
  • Katie pointed a nervous looking man on a stage like thing. He wasn't dressed up or old. But his hair was lined with gray.
"That's the man that shoved me over!" She whispered to her friends.
The friends agreed that was him. So apparently that was why he was in a hurry, he was suppose to reveal the exhibit.
  • Finally there was a younger boy in the corner holding a girls hand. He was rather good looking and looked about the girls age. He looked cool and relaxed, while the girl looked almost as nervous as the man on stage.
"Excuse me.." the man on stage tapped a microphone and it made a high pitched noise.
"Oh.. sorry.. My name is Franklin Bose. Uh.. Today is a special day for um.. us at the Museum.. we have received a rare one of a kind object.. We.. um.. are so very proud to present.." he started to pulled the cover off of a glass box. Everyone raised their heads.
Gasps filled the room when the box was revealed and it was empty.
"It's gone! But it was here 15 minutes ago!" the man cried
The girls blinked at each other then smiled.
"Excuse us sir..." Samantha smiled and got up on stage.
"Yes?" he looked up.
"If I may offer a free suggestion? Me and my friends are more or less amateur detectives. We'd love to help out if we may.."
"Well.. the Museum can't afford the insurance to go up.. so.. you can give it a shot. But don't touch the case."
Sam smiled and gave the girls a thumbs up and they went to work.
Samantha took Mr. Franklin, Jane took the older woman, Kyler took Sam's Uncle, and Katie took the boy and girl.
"Hello, my name is Jane Penvelly." She smiled sweetly to the older woman.
"Hello, I'm Kathryn Lovette."
"Nice to meet you, could tell me where you were in the last 15 minutes?"
"Well Miss Penvellyn, I was driven here by my son. He dropped me off only 10 minutes ago. I've been standing here since." She huffed.
"Did you see anyone touch the case?"
"Only Mr. Bose. He took something off awhile ago.. That's why I'm not alarmed. I think he set it up. Now if you will excuse me." She nodded and walked away.
"Well hello there young lady!" Uncle Charlie said to Kyler.
"Hi Mr. Charlie!"
"Am I a suspect in this?" he smiled.
"Everyone is Sir."Kyler shrugged. "Could you tell me what you did in the last 15 minutes, please?"
"Well, I arrived 30  minutes ago. I walked around the rest of the Museum till it was time to start, I came in just before you did. I couldn't wait to see the stone with a thousand names carved into it. This Museum hasn't had a new exhibit for a long time you know."
"Can anyone prove this?"
"The security cameras I'm sure." he chuckled.
"Did you happen to see anyone else go near the case?"
"Besides Mr. Franklin? No."
"Thanks for your time." Kyler smiled and left him alone.
Sam was watching Mr. Franklin nervously tug at his clothes and put his hands in his pockets then take them out.
"Um.. Sir? Where were you in the last 15 minutes?" Sam asked politely
"Hmm? Oh, well.. I cleaned the case, then opened the doors. I forgot something in the basement and I only had a moments left so I ran as fast as I could down there.. then I came back up and we then found the piece was missing."
"So you didn't see anyone touch the case or go anywhere near it?"
"I did tell that young man over there to stop messing with it..." He pointed the the boy and girl.
"Thanks for your time.." She smiled and walked off stage.
"Hey, I'm Katie." Katie said to the boy and girl.
"Hello, I'm Cleo.. this is my boyfriend James.." the girl spoke softly.
"What's up?" the boy nodded.
"What all did you do in the last 15 minutes?"
"Stand here and wait." The boy smarted off
"Did anyone go near the case?"
"...Mr.Bose did.. so did that Bald man over there..." the girl whispered "But that was it."
"Thanks. Have a nice day." Katie nodded and joined the group.
After the girls shared their stories they thought a moment then smiled at each other and Samantha ran on stage and drew everyone attention.
"Excuse me everyone. My Friends and I have good news. We know who the thief is. And that person is...."
Can you solve this mystery? The clock it ticking!

Good Luck everyone!!!!



Mackenzie Rae said...

I think it might be the older lady:)Lol! Or who is Mr.Bose?

Maddie said...

I think it's Uncle Charlie because he knew what the secret exhibit was. It was the stone with a thousand names carved into it. But it was secret, so nobody was supposed to know. Mr. Bose seemed suspicious, but Uncle Charlie is definetly my guess.