Monday, April 11, 2011

Piano Recital 2011

I have been taking piano lessons for 6 years. So, I know that whenever January comes, it is time to start working on the annual spring piano recital. 

The first few years, I dreaded the recitals. I hated playing in front of people. I was always afraid that I am make a big mistake. But the last few years, I realized how fun recitals really are. Sure, you have to listen to kids play simple piano pieces, or really long, hard pieces for 2 and a half hours, but I have really like having people listen to just me for about 5 minutes. 
Anyway, the recital was on Friday night. My dad took the family out to dinner, and then we went to the  church where the recital took place. 

My friends were there, since they use the same piano teacher I do. 

I played 3 songs that night.
"How Beautiful" by Twila Paris
"Sand Castles" by Martha Mier
"New Orleans Jazz" by Martha Mier

Here is a video my friend took of me playing the last 2 songs. :P

I love recital and I had a great time. :) 

I am already looking forward to next year. :)


Kellee said...

I used to take piano lessons too... It was really fun! :) Your songs were beautiful!

Julia said...

You are very talented! Great performance!

Liddy said...

Wow, Sammy, you're good! My violin recital is coming up on May 1st. I'm totally not looking forward to it. Hopefully by the time I've been playing as long as you have I'll enjoy recitals more.:)